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Michael G. Gnau Leaves $2.8 Million Estate to AASK
AASK is enormously grateful for the recent bequest of Michael G. Gnau. Mr. Gnau was a resident of Santa Rosa, California, and was a supporter of AASK for many years. He and his mother were longtime donors. Like so many others in the early 1970's the Gnaus were touched by the story of AASK s founders, Bob and Dorothy DeBolt who adopted 14 children with various disabilities. Mr. Gnau himself was disabled, used a wheelchair, and had no children or other immediate family. Now thousands of children with special needs will find loving, permanent families through the generosity of Michael Gnau.

Major Contributors:
We would like to acknowledge and thank all the people who have made it possible for us to be so successful.

Government Donors

Business Donors

The Contra Costa Children and Families Commission

American Contract Bridge League

Foundation Donors

Charles Englehard Foundation

Kinkle Family Trust

Fremont Group Foundation

Y and H Soda Foundation

Foothills Foundation

Morris Stulsaft Foundation

Gellert Foundation

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation

Charles and Lenke Tarr Trusts

Glass Family Trust

With Arms Wide Open Foundation

Hartley Family Foundation

Corporate Donors

A. Teichert and Son, Inc.

GWF Power Systems

Barlogio Special Investigations

K and L Engineering

Benicia Industries, Inc.

Lionakis Beaumont Design Group, Inc.

Cisco Systems

Oliver and Associates

Construction Machinery Inc.

Petro Analytical

Contra Costa Times

Reel Proof

Ecco Equipment Corporation

RGH Geotechnical and Environmental Consultants Inc.

E-Tech Services

Charles Schwab

Gez Architects Engineers

Target Stores

Individual Donors

Angels: + $500

Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Bischofberger

Mr. James Meeker

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Borba, In honor of Rebecca Harp

Ms. Jacqueline Ortega and Ms. Teresa Kosinski

Mr. Anthony Brown

Ms. Celia Sterrn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeBolt

Mr. David Valva

Ms. Barbara Duffy

Ms. Gwen Weiner, In honor of Jim Meeker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Granucci

Mr. John White

Mr. Peter Hand

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Williams, In honor of Nicholas Gustafson

Mr. Donn Marshall, In honor of Shelley Marshall

Benefactors: $250-$499

Mr. Sumeet Aggarwall

Mr. John Metzgar

Mr. Rod Andazola

Ms. Marianne Robison

Ms. Emily D'orazio

Mr. Josh Samuels

Mr. and Ms. Charles Kaufman

Mr. Tommie Silas

Ms. Elizabeth Lamach

Mr. and Mrs. Srinath Subbarayan

Mr. and Mrs. David Lindow

Mr. Timothy Thomas

Supporters: $100-$249

Ms. Maggie Baxter

Mr. and Mrs. John Macauley

Mr. Mickey Cantrell and Ms. Christopher Benevidez

Mr. Michael McDonnell

Mr. Anthony Blake

Mr. Steven Mitchell

Ms. Madelyn Chaber, In honor of Steven Borrowman

Ms. Marieta Navarro

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cheatham

Ms. Pamela Nicolai

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clark

Ms. Martha Pedersen, In honor of Norma Sundeem

Ms. Katie Cortez

Ms. Laurel Quarles, In honor of Lorna Barati and Linda O'Reilly

Ms. Vali Ebert and Mr. John Eichel

Mr. Donald Rogers

Ms. Harriet Finck

Mr. Rick Russell

Mr. and Mrs. James Frazier

Ms. Maureen Ryan

Mr. A. R. Gauch

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schlosser

Mr. Clyde Gibb

Mr. David Schroeder

Ms. Geraldine Guggemos

Ms. Jean Schulz

Ms. Nancy Hair

Ms. Mary Souza

Ms. Linda Hargreaves

Mr. Timothy Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vapnek

Mr. Steve Howell

Mr. Allen Weinrub

Mr. Douglas Koski

Mr. and Mrs. James Whittaker

Mr. Richard Kwiatkowski

Ms. Doris Williams

Mr. Jon Logan

Dr. and Ms. Kermit Wiltse

Ms. Anna Luger

Friends: $50-$99

Mr. James Bates

Mr. Allen Krajewski

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Borden

Mr. Gary Lieberman

Mr. Kevin Buchan

Mr. Justin Lindley

Mr. James Bundschuh

Mr. Arnold Luber

Mr. Gregory Chambers

Ms. Nora Ludden

Ms. Lisa Cope

Mr. Kenneth Main

Mr. Douglass Cover

Mr. Richard Manser

Ms. Holly Crownover and Ms. Debbie Liebensberger

Mr. Anthony Marino

Ms. Cynthia Dahl

Mr. Peter Mckereghan

Mr. Robert Doty

Mr. Winton Mckibben, In honor of Randall McKibben

Ms. Toni Ebert

Mr. Terence McManus

Mr. David Eisen

Mr. George Obana

Ms. Loran Eldred

Mr. Michael Phelps and Ms. Elizabeth Young

Mr. Vitaliy Fadeyev

Mr. Gregory Pond

Mr. Greg Fasiano

Mr. David Pratt and Ms. Marilyn Bailey

Ms. Karen Federigi

Mr. Donald Quigley

Mr. Jeffrey Fenton

Ms. Elaine Saltzer

Mr. Kevin Flynn

Mr. Harris Sanders

Mr. Tom Frisher

Mr. R. L. Schreiber

Mr. John Giambastiani

Mr. Steven Shapiro

Miss Margaret Gilfillan

Ms. Kathleen Spina

Mr. Mike Goodman

Ms. Velma Tinkler

Ms. Carol Haberberger

Mr. Peter Towner

Ms. Jere Harper

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Van Nest

Mr. Michael Jacobvitz

Mr. John Vrattos

Mr. Robert Jobe

Mr. Mark Waldman

Mr. and Ms. Charles Kaufman

Mr. Richard Kirk

Mr. Howard Korth

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