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Your Family Profile:
The following form is an introduction of your family to AASK. All families who wish to have an interview with AASK are encouraged to submit this form to our office prior to your interview.

1. Download the Form:
You can download the form in either a Microsoft Word format, or a PDF file.

---Download the word file (you will need Microsoft Word to read this file)

---Download the PDF file (to read a PDF file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download)
download acrobat

if you prefer, we can send you a copy of the form, simply contact us at the location below.

2. Print it, Complete it, Send it:
Print out the form, complete it, and send it to us:

AASK - Adopt a Special Kid
7700 Edgewater Drive, Suite 320
Oakland, CA 94621
Phone: 510-553-1748
Fax: 510-553-1747
Toll Free: 888-680-7349

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